Hello Blogosphere

I guess its introduction time, even though the only people reading this will be people who already know me.

I’m Amber, I’m a stay-at-home to 3 little boys, and I’m a TV addict.  I watch far too much TV for my own good, its really my only hobby.  As a result you will get to hear all my gripes, praises, crazy theories, spoilers, recaps, and everything in between regarding all my favorite -and less than favorite- TV shows.  I could talk about an episode, a show in general, an entire series or even my favorite character. Despite the fact that I will definitely talk about fictional characters as though they are real from time to time, I’m not crazy, I promise.  Every once in a while I may also throw in a movie review or book rave for good measure.

I would love to hear all your comments as well, I love hashing out theories and hearing other takes on things I’ve watched.